Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Freeway 134 at Lankershim

I've been trying to take this shot for years. My husband works in the building I was in; his desk overlooks the freeway. There are a number of factors in getting a good shot here--one with blurred lights:

  • with too much traffic it's a parking lot
  • too little traffic, too few blurs and it looks empty
  • wrong time of year and you get daylight or sun glare, no car lights
  • angle of view involves finding the right place in the building to shoot from
  • light reflection on the glass in the room I'm shooting from was a major problem and ruined most of my other serious photo attempts
Tonight I finally got as as many conditions to combine as I could. This was particularly fortunate for me since Hugh's job with the company ends in two days!
I shot from their darkened conference room and pulled the vertical blinds away from the window. I blocked any ambient light reflection from their reception area with my body so there were no window ghosts. I had no tripod since I was only in the building for maybe ten minutes tops and was using the point and shoot camera I carry in my purse. I braced the camera against a window ledge for the one second exposure. I know I'm not a rock and it's not completely sharp, but the shot is for my fun and exhilaration and for fulfilling a quest to represent one fact of life that is so classic about living in Los Angeles, CA.

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