Thursday, February 28, 2013


On our daily dog walking route, Maggie and I are likely to pass this 60s-something Studebaker Lark Cruiser. It's not mint condition, but still very nice and comes complete with hanging fuzzy dice.

On a somewhat sunny day, I took a shot of the rear V8 emblem and just now paired it with a Lomo layer in Photoforge 2 and then a Clouds layer in Phototoaster. Do I need a starburst on the hotspot? Hmmm....I bet there's an app for that.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad

Dad would've been 80 today. Been about 15 years since he wandered on. Now that I'm 63, I'm starting to feel he died young. Mom most likely took this photo. I'm the blonde on the right. My youngest brother is still to come, apparently, in three years or so. No wonder Dad looks overwhelmed here. Now I know how he feels.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Playing With Reflections

Another photo from my morning at the Space Needle. This is a reflection of the Space Needle and part of the Frank Gehry "Experience Music" building in the mirrored part of the Gehry building. I shot it with my iPhone and the Olloclip fisheye lens attachment.  Right now I am computerless from a hard-disk crash so iPhone photos are my sole pathway to photo art.  I think I'm rather enjoying things this way!

Very weird, I know. I love weird. I added a light leak filter in Photo Toaster in addition to adjusting levels and color intensity. Another view of this reflection in National Geographic online.

That little UFO looking thingy in upper right is the "real" Space Needle.  Not sure I like it there or not.  Haven't found a photo app for iPad or iPhone yet where I can clone stuff like that out of a shot and then make a comparison.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Space Place

Earlier this month I spent a couple of days in Seattle getting my braces removed.  I visited the World's Fair site where I went 50 (ahem) years ago as a kid and finally got to ride the monorail.  Woohoo!

I took Space Needle photos with my iPhone and the Olloclip fisheye lens. There was no other way to get the whole structure from the base into one photo otherwise. Olloclip is AMAZING--three lenses in one!

In post processing I used Moku HD I added a portrait filter on a white, watercolor paper layer. I like the look of people walking around on the observation platform below the giant structure that captured the nation's attention and imagination in 1963.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Have A Heart

Found this in the women's bathroom in Yoga Pearl. The wall is aggregate concrete in one of the stalls. :) Been trying to make a photo construction from it for awhile. Enter: Stretchcam app.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


After a day of work sewing the PLACE sign on a customer's awning, I took a photo of the sign at dusk with their glowing studio windows underneath. Art!

Richfield Eagle

Last week we wandered near Artist's Rep Theater with friends. I loved the old Richfield gas pump, in all it's bright blue and yellow glory, in a car collector's window. With that photo, I decided to learn more of what Moku Hanga app can do. The answer is, quite a lot! different paper layers to select for photomontage effects, color selection and adjustment, effects styles to apply. Could have been lost in there for hours! Oila!