Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oaks Bottom In Bloom

There is a wildlife refuge near our new house named Oaks Bottom. It's home to many birds throughout the year. Right now we're hearing a lot of Honking Geese flying overhead. Our house is one block from the bluff overlooking this refuge.

Currently, Oaks Bottom is in bloom with this gorgeous, non-native, purple plant called Loosestrife. It's a detrimental invader, however, so the powers that be will do a burn this week to begin trying to cut back on the plant's influence and hold on the area. Sure is pretty, though. Wonder what kinds of native flora they will put in its place?

This shot is not the greatest photo. The sky went completely white because of the contrast with the dark green and purple. Not that there was much in the sky that day, though anyway. The photos I took without sky, however, seemed to lack perspective or an ability to convey the size of this place, so this is the best of the Oaks Bottom shots for now.

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