Friday, September 10, 2010

Star Shine

Spent most of today on this photo montage for my class assignment which was to combine three simple elements--a tree silhouette, a light colored, plain background, and birds.  Since I don't shoot birds, I used some stars I had "made" from binder clips and lights in a balcony.  Sounds simple.  Took many hours of trial and error.  Appreciations go out to my teacher, Carol Leigh, though, who has figured so much of this stuff out that she is now teaching others step-by-step how to do photo montage.

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Carol Leigh said...

Linda, thank you for mentioning my class -- how nice of you! And your photo? Very clever using the binder clips instead of birds. I'll comment "officially" within the class, but wanted to thank you here for the link and to acknowledge your hard work with this photomontage. You're doing well! --Carol Leigh