Friday, February 3, 2012

What's At SCRAP Today?

Went looking for fake flowers for my photomontage class assignment yesterday.  That's how I ended up at SCRAP.  Where I got this Letter C but no fake flowers--well not ones I wanted anyway.  Instead, I found fabric.  And textured paper to photograph.  And this:

A clown lamp someone created from SCRAP's scrap!

If you're a Portlander and haven't been to SCRAP, you're missing out on a cool aspect of our local culture.  I'm surprised Portlandia hasn't spoofed them yet!  It's definitely cleaner and safer than dumpster diving for all your crafty urges!  They take donations--yarn, fabric, clown masks, staplers, old calendars, bits of tile, half used bottles of glue, puzzles, milk bottles, construction paper, old postcards, half finished hooked rug projects--and resell them to keep these bits and bobs from going into a landfill.  Check out their website for daily hours and what they accept.  It will give you an idea what's at SCRAP today!

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