Friday, May 25, 2012

Back Building Grunge

Had lunch at Boke´ Bowl with friends today over on Water Avenue.  Afterwards we poked around in some of the shops in the warehouse area nearby.  It's a great area for grungy photos.  Here's one!

Took this with my iPhone.  Did post in almost everything I could think of but couldn't overcome the graininess that comes with such a large image taken with so few pixels.  Oh well.

Topaz Adjust helped out quite a bit.  So did Elements 9.  I love the blue elements in the sky, the trash bin, and the little bit in the funnel looking thingy.  I also like that the power lines run kind of opposite the top of the buildings.


Judy said...

Linda: I like the "look" you achieved with this photo, an old building/warehouse, perfectly captured. It's not a new shiny buiding, that graininess adds to the look. Good capture & post-processing.

Linda Heinsohn said...

Thanks, Judy! I thought it was so beautiful I had to make many photos of it from all different angles.

This is a really interesting area of Portland to walk around in though I'm usually only there when I'm in a hurry and on my way to or from a yoga class. Going there with friends who want to look around in shops is the best way to get good photos, I've found. Even better when at least one of them is interested in photography! :>D

Carol Leigh said...

Okay, I want to go THERE! Will send an e-mail later today -- are you free sometime next week?

Linda Heinsohn said...

Ok, Carol, we'll go there! Sent you email just now about day and time to meetup.