Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Clearing Mist

Was browsing and reading articles recently about art and seeing and found this image.  It reminded me of photomontages Carol Leigh has taught me to do in her online classes.  I wondered if I could capitalize on the inspiration I felt seeing this art to make my own.  Should be a piece of cake to translate, thinks moi.
Ha!  Read on....

I picked a photo of a scruffy piece of rusty metal as background, a Lost and Taken free texture, a photo I took at Fort Stevens or Fort Columbia last year of tall trees, a cloud photo from the tons of cloud photos I make all the time, and photo of a bald eagle. 
 Took a bit of experimenting to settle on these photos and to find the best combination of blending modes. As you can see, it's a completely different feel from the inspiration piece but still qualifies as art, I think!


Carol Leigh said...

It's lovely. Definitely a Pacific Northwest vibe running through it. I like the trees and their concept of "up," which ties in with the bird flying high. Hoo ha! You're on your way!

Elena and Russ said...


Beautiful photomontages!