Thursday, September 27, 2012

Astoria Photo Trip--Day One

A week ago I took a photo trip to Astoria, Oregon, led by my teacher, Carol Leigh.  This is a sampling of some of the good photos from Day One.  Above is the Columbia Pier Hotel with reflection and pilings.

An architectural abstract at Maritime Memorial Park under the Astoria Bridge.

Astoria Bridge in cloudy, blue morning light.

Pilings in the Columbia River with ripples.  A slight wind combined with fast shutter speed makes them look frozen in ice.

Ducks in a row made into a watercolor using Topaz Simplify.

Her majesty, the John Jacob Astor Hotel in downtown Astoria.  

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Carol Leigh said...

You came up with some fantastic photos! I'm going to write up my comments in an e-mail to send to you and the rest of the group rather than do it here. You should receive the e-mail shortly. Beautiful work here, Linda. Just beautiful.

Now my next challenge is to try to figure out the letter/number "prove you're not a robot" configuration in the moderation field. I swear they're making it almost impossible to post in blogs any more.