Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Playing With Reflections

Another photo from my morning at the Space Needle. This is a reflection of the Space Needle and part of the Frank Gehry "Experience Music" building in the mirrored part of the Gehry building. I shot it with my iPhone and the Olloclip fisheye lens attachment.  Right now I am computerless from a hard-disk crash so iPhone photos are my sole pathway to photo art.  I think I'm rather enjoying things this way!

Very weird, I know. I love weird. I added a light leak filter in Photo Toaster in addition to adjusting levels and color intensity. Another view of this reflection in National Geographic online.

That little UFO looking thingy in upper right is the "real" Space Needle.  Not sure I like it there or not.  Haven't found a photo app for iPad or iPhone yet where I can clone stuff like that out of a shot and then make a comparison.


Mary said...

Very cool and! ruffle-y!

Linda Heinsohn said...

LOL, Mary. I agree and I cannot possible imagine what Frank Gehry had in mind when he designed that building. But he must've loved his ideas because he's kept repeating them very successfully in some form or other for decades. If you look at the ruffley part and its reflection as one thing, I think it looks like a stormtrooper helmet.