Monday, April 15, 2013

Birthday Treat

Our grandsons took us to Chuck-E-Cheese yesterday to celebrate Sean's birthday. I confess I never enjoyed the place when my own children were small. Now, it's the perfect venue for two grandparents + two grandchildren to spend an hour or so gathering tickets for splurging on cheap bendy straws, miniature colored pencils, or raspberry twizzlers. Afterward, we ate self-serve yogurt with toppings to completely wind the boys up before we handed them back to their parents.

Post: Snapseed for filter, HDR, cropping


Judy said...

Hi Linda : great portraits of your cute grandsons. What HDR app did you use? I've tried a few and they all come out too "overprocessed" -- yours are perfect!


Linda Heinsohn said...

Good eye, Judy! I agree most HDR apps are too strong and the photos look distastful to me. I did this on Snapseed, which I think is a near perfect app because it does so much in one package. Under the Drama tab (on the left), there are Drama settings. I chose one I liked then dialed its intensity down until there was just a bit of the HDR look but not overwhelming. Try it!