Friday, February 1, 2008

Photographer At Work

It was a year ago, today, that I began my daily photo blog. A lot has changed since then, most importantly, I've started having fun with photography! I used to envy great photographers; Galen Rowell was a particular inspiration. I used to think Galen had some mysterious luck or that because he was an avid outdoorsman (which I'm not) he was just more prone to finding magical situations to photograph. Now, I understand--Galen went to extraordinary lengths to carry some kind of camera with him wherever he went. Big cameras, small cameras, whatever was suitable to the activity he was engaging in that would give him the chance to snap an amazing moment at any moment. Now that I've settled myself to carrying a camera with me at (nearly) all times I'm getting some memorable photos, too.

Here's a photo of a photographer whose work I admire. His name is Shawn St. Peter. He made our recent family pictures at our December reunion. Since I've been editing pictures from our family reunion in December, 2007, to put together a book I came across his photo among the family pics. I never would have been able to take this had I not had my P&S in my bag at the photo shoot.

This guy is a monster photographer! He did a great job with our family photos; check out his work at his website, linked above. I especially admire the work he does with musicians. It has a certain grunge quality that is very popular right now and which I enjoy.

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