Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sellwood Boulevard

This is a subtle one... I took this the other day on a walk on Sellwood Boulevard. It's a curiosity to me that the old street markers in the concrete here only say, "Boulevard." It would be fun to find an old map to see if that, indeed, is its old street name, prior to the joining with Portland City and the street renaming.
I love how the moss has grown into the name impression. I tried several ways in PSE to accent it or bring it out with not much success. I opted instead to just accent it a little using the tile filter.


Travis said...

I love the look of the moss in this photo. This is very unique. You have a great eye.

I added your link to my blog. Thanks!

brucesc said...

Travis is right--very unique photo opportunities that you see. And you are very creative in how you capture them. I always wondered what Tile would do. Thanks for that too.