Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cupola-Bank of America Building

Today I got to go downtown to make a deposit to my IRA. The brokerage offices are in the Bank of America building at SE 2nd Ave. and Morrison. I found this amazing photo op in the cupola of the building. It was such a grey day when I was shooting outside but when I stepped inside, the light and the patterns of the cupola were amazing. I love this!

For the photo I was using my little P&S Canon Powershot. Typically when I shoot ceilings, I fold out the swivel LCD, looking down on the camera, rather than crane my neck trying to look from underneath the camera up at the ceiling. (Remember the point of my photos is first to have fun! After that, I'll try to get as good a photo as I can if I'm enjoying what I'm doing.) So, I tried as much as I could to lean back out of the shot. Still, you can see me--my bangs, at least--in the photo, if you look closely.

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