Friday, January 20, 2012

Water Avenue

You may have heard.  It's pouring rain here.  Worst storm in 100 years, some are sayin'.  And we're not out of it yet.  We've water in our basement as do most of our neighbors.  At least we're on the bluff overlooking the Willamette River rather than living right next to it should it get to flood stage anytime soon.  It's a mighty big river!

We've no need to go commuting on flooding streets or to thread our way around any downed trees nearby.  We still have heat, lights and internet access.  So, we're indeed fortunate!

In the spirit of the storm, here's a photomontage I created this afternoon combining one of Portland's stamped curbside sidewalk signs, a photo from the Ross Island Bridge looking north over the Willamette, and a cloud photo.  Took me a fair bunch of hours trying this and that to get to here.  I had not intended to have the overall blue color; that was a synchronous surprise and seems to fit the Water Theme.  So, it's dark even though in post I made adjustments in levels.  But that adjustment just made it look pasty.  So, dark it is!

Best advice, if you want to really see it, click to enlarge.  I kinda like it!

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