Saturday, March 9, 2013

Moku Crocus

I think it's finally spring here in Bridge City. I found one sign today; this purple crocus! I spent time with several post processing apps before settling on Hoku Manga again. Something about what they do to alter texture is exciting to my eyes! Next came Snapseed which I think is a near perfect app. If they would only add a text feature it would be completely perfect. Lastly, PhotoMarkr for the ©. PhotoMarkr is still seriously behind the door and it only does one thing. I'd LOVE it if it would display in horizontal mode.

Wedding in D-7 days.

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Location:Hoku Crocus


Judy said...

Happy Spring! A beautiful post today. I really am enjoying seeing your use of Hoku Manga.

Mary said...

Hocus Crocus! Fabulous!

Linda Heinsohn said...

Thank you ladies! I'm quite pleased the way the filter made the crocus look. Like Art!