Tuesday, December 20, 2011


An experiment with Photoshop on part of a photo I took at Marin County Civic Center back in November.  This is part of the architectural detail from the eave.  The building is actually painted pink and blue so I pushed that color to more of an extreme.  I also cropped it looking to find just the juice of the shot.  I think I have the juice from the cropping but perhaps it needs to be lighter.  Not sure I like it much but I'm just experimenting with Lightroom and Photoshop just now.


Carol Leigh said...

Linda, I'm digging your architectural photography. Wow! Exciting stuff, lady. Most impressive. --Carol Leigh

Linda Heinsohn said...

Thanks, Carol! So happy you spoke up on this photo! As I was editing it, I kept thinking how nice it would be to get some feedback from you on it. I'm loving the urban abstracts for sure! Always have. I definitely want to look out for more of them. They thrill me to pieces! --Linda