Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All Of Us

Made this a couple of months ago when literally ALL of the kids, grandkids, and spouses were around.  There were a couple of dogs, too, but we decided to keep this strictly for humans.

If you're interested, here's who:
Back row: #1 son, Andy; future SIL, Drew; #1 grandson, Zack; SIL, Erik
Middle row: #2 son, David; DIL, Nina; #2 daughter, Sarah; #3 daughter, Carolina; #1 daughter, Joanna
Front row:  #2 grandson, Sean; DIL, Yukie; #3 grandson, Ewan; Hubby Extraodinaire, Hugh; moi; granddaughter #1, Abbi

More photos on our family site here.

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