Friday, October 19, 2012

One Two

Every couple of weeks I go down to The Pearl for bodywork.  On the way to the studio I walk past wonderful art galleries.  Lately I've seen heroic sized abstract paintings with slashes and drips of BOLD color hanging in their windows.

Feeling itchy to groove off inspiration from those art works, I photographed a few graffitied windows and slashes of purple paint drips.  I blurred Christmas lights in the hardware store window.  I piled them together on a piece of watercolor Id made, fidgeted them this way and that.  Fiddled with filters or shadows--adding, taking away, moving throwing out.  Hid a number in there--because it needed something and because Carol would.  :)

Not sure I like it; not sure I don't.  Put it down as MY art and call it a day.


Carol Leigh said...

Just got into Portland...we continue our trip home tomorrow. Saw your post and damned if I can find the number in your piece! Where, pray tell, is it?

Linda Heinsohn said...

Lower right hand corner. It's a 12. Or in other words, One Two. (It's easier to see if you click it to see it enlarged.)