Monday, March 17, 2008

Exhibit In The South Park Blocks

On my trip downtown last week, I came upon this display when stepping off the Streetcar in the South Park Blocks. At first, I thought someone had planted a million flowers. Soon, I saw they were flags. Turns out this is an exhibit representing the number of deaths in the Iraq war.

My regret is I had only my P&S camera with me and could, in just a very crude way, capture the sea of white flags presented there. I took the photo from the sidewalk at the edge of the display. The small amount of red flags you see is a representation of the very small red flag number compared to the very large white flag number. Not that I'm degrading in any way the life sacrifice of those the red flags represent. However, the display gives one a stunning visual on the ratio of lives we're talking about here.

Click on the photo to better see how far the white flags go. There was a half-block more that I couldn't include. Scroll down for the explanation on the colors and the numbers the flags represent.

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