Friday, March 21, 2008

My First Political Rally

Barack Obama came to town this morning so I took the opportunity to go see him speak. After 37 years of voting in various elections, this was my first political rally. This took place in the Memorial Collesium which seats 12,800 people; it was nearly full.

You can see him better if you click the photo to go to the full sized version.

Even though we got there before the doors opened, we still were sitting back far enough that I needed more glass than I brought to get a closer look at the candidate. This was as far as my lens could reach. Still the photo op gave me chances to play with timing and composition. This was one of the better shots. I was able to put Obama at center stage in that little pool of light. At the same time, the folks in the bleachers raised all their blue signs adding a nice pop of color. The diagonal bunting adds a nice frame, I think.

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brucesc said...

Terrific composition--well done!