Thursday, March 13, 2008

Old Town Chinatown

I took the bus downtown today for a matinee of Twelfth Night at Portland Center Stage Theater. I walked through Chinatown on the way. This is probably the first good chance I've had to photograph the Chinatown Gate during the day. We had rain, so obviously the skies contributed zip to the photo as well as very little light. Also, the whole area along Burnside, the main street in front of the gate, is torn up for the expansion of the MAX, Portland's light rail system, so there is no calm place to stand for a few quick snaps. I took this photo walking (as slow as I dared). If I had stood still I might have been bulldosed by heavy equipment on one side or impatient Portland drivers crammed into the dwindling driving lanes on the other. Still, it's an impressive gate, hey? Gotta love what the adult bookstore sign adds to the shot.

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brucesc said...

It is a very impressive gate! I enjoyed your humorous account of getting the shot too--anything for one's craft, right!