Thursday, March 27, 2008

On The Herschell Spillman Carousel

Abbi rides on a dog aboard the Oaks Park carousel, a "hand-carved piece of folk art" by the Herschell Spillman Company of North Tonawanda, NY. There are Herschell Spillman carousels many in well known parks across the US, all of which, including this one are on the National Register of Historic Places. This menagerie carousel was created in 1911 and is thought to have been installed here in 1923, according to an article I found online.

I find myself wanting to go back and photograph it again. My camera battery died right after this initial photo on the ride. Also, I love the paintings around the top of the carousel you can see in the upper photo. They are original, having been recently restored, according to a newspaper article I read last year but cannot find an online link to.

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brucesc said...

Wonderful fun with the grandchildren! Cute kids. Aren't you glad you moved nearer them. Interesting about the felting--I know nothing about it at all. What do you felt and then what?