Saturday, March 1, 2008

Steinway L1037

Last night we went to the Hollywood Theater to see Note By Note: The Making of Steinway L1037, a documentary by Ben Niles on the yearlong process of creating one Steinway nine foot concert grand piano. This is the piano he followed during his filming which was onstage for the opening night of the movie. There was a small concert after the film and then the audience members were allowed to come view the piano and try it out if they liked.

Steinway pianos are still made in the US, in Queens, NY. They are still handcrafted for the most part and completely handtuned. Watching the film, I had an interesting sensation about halfway through. I began to relate to the piano sitting on the stage as more than just an item or just any piano. Instead, I felt like it was more of a person or a being. It was kind of like watching a birthing film or a biography knowing I was about to meet the actual person at the end of the movie!

A very cool evening!


Travis said...

Sounds like an interesting film. I have always heard about the Steinway craftsmanship. Sounds like you saw it up close and personal. Very cool.

brucesc said...

Someone just gave me the DVD of this Steinway making. I will try to watch it tonight. My youngest son is a tuner and has been to the Steinway training, so I plan to give it to him after I view it. Thanks for the personal touch here.